Review: Parasyte the Maxim

There is just one word I can think of to describe my experience while watching this anime. Wow. From the beginning it captivates you immediately and doesn't give you any time to buckle up for the ride before it goes full throttle into the story which at first seems just a horror story about monsters vs humans

The Beginning

However, as the story continues you are immediately vested in the characters growth as people and what their lives mean in the middle of this seeming chaos unfolding around them. The development of each character is natural and does not feel forced - every individual has a unique personality and all of them matter to the overall story arc


There is a balance to the storytelling, there are moments of intense action, sadness, and humor that it helps drive the human elements of the story. The way it explores humanity from prey to predator.. Parasyte to host is spectacular and kept me on the edge of my seat. At the end of every episode I found myself diving into the next one to see where the story would progress

In conclusion, to quote a very near and dear friend of mine..

I was always on the edge of laughing, crying, and screaming, but in the end, it was totally worth it.

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Review: Samurai Jack Season 5

Jack is back!

Jack is Back

If you're like me, when the curtain dropped on the original 4 seasons of Samurai Jack circa 2003, you couldn't wait until Jack would again take up his mission to return to the past and defeat Aku, cosmic spawn of pure evil.

The last episode of season 4 left me feeling very unsatisfied. Episode 52 was mostly filler, and a character development story at best. With most TV shows, the final episode of a season brings the story arc to a final or at least pivotal point in the over-arcing plot of the protagonist's story. Unlike other shows, there was no progress in the plot of Jack's ultimate quest to seek a way back to the past at the end of the season. Although Samurai Jack has really never been this way, the indecisive end of season 4 created real feelings of doubt about the future of the show amongst viewers. As time went on without any promise of more Jack, I began to wonder... would Jack ever succeed in returning to the past? Would he ever defeat Aku?


Where is Samurai Jack Season 5?

Didn't Genndy Tartakovsky know that we loved Jack? Surely they knew that Jack was the hero of a generation. They couldn't keep him from us forever. We needed him. It seemed like Cartoon Network, Genndy Tartakovsky or Aku himself was dangling the future of the show in front of us. Myself and many other fans jumped and shouted - for years - trying to get the attention of someone with the power to bring our hero back to the screen.

Sadly, it would take another 13 years for Samurai Jack to return to TV for a short, but conclusive 10 episode season. At long last, the wait is over. Season 5 of Samurai Jack is here!

TOON.NINJA is proud to serve you with all 10 episodes of Samurai Jack. If you missed the premier broadcast of the season, you'd simply like to relive the magic again, watch Samurai Jack Season 5 on TOON.NINJA!

Samurai Jack Season 5 is on TOON.NINJA

The animators and production staff did a fantastic job reviving Samurai Jack. The season is truly a triumphant return to form that is well worth the wait. And although they gave us exactly what we've been waiting for, it's not just old Jack from the cutting room floor. We see Jack just as he should be - older. Just like his fans.

The new season takes place 50 years since last we saw the samurai. This time, he's older, more experienced and seasoned by an endless struggle against the minions of Aku. And yet... he's weary from witnessing countless friends and innocents fall before Aku's curse. His mind has become weak and the faith in his purpose, once strong and unwavering falters under the immense weight of loneliness and sorrow.

The themes sewn into the tapestry of the season 5 plot show a dark grittiness new to Samurai Jack. Even though Jack has always fought against nefarious forces that operate upon the sinister principles of Aku's evil, we've never truly seen the uncensored horrors that endow the nature of Jack's trials. It's no longer robots, aliens and beings of darkness that will fall beneath the sword. In season 5, you will see blood.

The creators know that their audience would be more mature when they saw Jack again. It's appropriate that now the show is too.

New characters make an appearance. Of particular interest is Ashi, daughter of Aku. Season 5 shows Jack's fight against Ashi and her sisters, an elite squad of Aku warrior-cultists. The fight is one of the most intense action sequences in the Samurai Jack series and brings him closer to death than we've ever seen.

Over the course of the season 5 narrative, Jack meets new enemies and makes new allies. He confronts new questions that challenge him and us to face very mature concepts never before presented in the context of a Samurai Jack episode. Jack realizes that in order to triumph over Aku, he must search deep inside himself and faces the most worthy challenger of all - his own ego.

In the season finale, Jack faces off against Aku in a huge battle that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Without risking the magic of show, I can say very little more about Samurai Jack Season 5. But if you need any more encouragement to watch, you'll have to ask yourself: Am I really a fan? Samurai Jack Season 5 is a gift waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Watch it now on TOON.NINJA!

All said and done, season 5 left me feeling...

Sad Jack

Showcase: 19yr old makes Anime

This amazing video was made by a 19 year old Chinese student. Unfortunately, I do not read the language so can't give props but if you do credits are at the end of the video. This is one of - if not the best - fan made pieces of art that we've seen.

Review: Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a beautiful anime with action packed sequences from the get-go but isn't your plain over the top action driven anime. There is definitely an underline story about what it means to be human, true friendship, and love.

We are introduce to Lucy early on and immediately are told two things about her. Her powers are beyond that of a regular humans and she is a cold-blooded killer with no remorse.


As the story progresses we learn that things are little more - complex. As Lucy after injuries is found by Koda and his cousin they take in Lucy and the series takes on an almost slice of life feel to it. Delving more into the relationship between characters who are completely oblivious to Lucy's true nature.


There are moments of gratuitous nudity for no purpose other than to have it which I found tasteless. But there are times of extreme storytelling to try and convey the pain each character has lived through. So there is a balance of sorts. All in all it is a really good anime worth watching and at only 14 episodes makes for a good binge watch.

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