Review: Canaan

Canaan seems to be a story of friendship and.. counter-terrorism? It's about a girl with heightened senses that helps her avoid danger and identify bad guys. It also helps that she was trained to be a super soldier from an early age. Put it all together and she's a bit of a badass but she's also just coming of age and is drawn to someone special no matter the danger


Our protagonist is also fighting a terrorist group called Snake led by a woman who shares her past with our heroine and in more ways than one is not that different than her. But regardless of their similarities they are pitted against each other for different reasons - a lot of the story revolves around this conflict between the two of them and how Canaan finds resolution to it

Canaan 2

The story pacing was admittedly slow and at times it felt as though the storyteller couldn't decide from whose perspective to tell the story - the ending also seemed to draw out almost as if the team couldn't agree on how to end it - all in all it was not one of my favorite animes and I had to rewatch some episodes after falling asleep. If you have nothing better to watch it's an okay series but you might just want to pass it by

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