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Kill La Kill

Truth be told, watching Kill La Kill felt like watching two different anime's whose two themes were tied together by an underline nonsensical whimsical humor. In fact, it's that humor that drives the first half of the anime with over the top fighting sequences and making fun of itself with overused anime tropes

Kill La Kill Date

It's not until halfway through the series that you start putting together the pieces of a story-line. At first, it may seem like there is no story at all or rather a cliche story just to put action sequences together but by the time the truth begins to unravel it becomes a captivating one

The Last Goodbye

Is this the best anime of all time? I personally didn't think so but it was a fun anime to watch which delivers a light-hearted and action packed series without the risk of taking itself too seriously. I enjoyed watching it and if you're looking for a fun anime to binge a weekend with this is definitely one worth checking out

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