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Ninja Slayer

From the minds of Bradley Bond and Philip "[email protected]" Morzez comes an anime series unlike anything you'd expect - I can't emphasize that enough - it's not anything you expect

The first five minutes set the tone for this crudely animated, slap stick humor, mess of a series - and yet interestingly enough that is its appeal

Over sexualized characters and a protagonist who takes himself too seriously placed inside a world that definitely doesn't take anything seriously. This animation, for lack of a better word, takes me back to the animation stylings of Sealab 2021

Ninja Slayer Sexualized

Ninja Slayer rejects the notions of traditional animation, character development, and meaningful story-line as it scripts together one meme-ingful moment after another and I think that was the point in today's internet crazed aged with short attention spans

If you expect a superhuman match-up of Ninjas with detailed animation and rewarding fight sequences then you are not going to enjoy Ninja Slayer - but if you're looking for something that takes tradition and throws it out the window as you blaze away then you will find humor in this and find yourself yelling YEEEAAARRRTTT

Ninja Slayer Expectations

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