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One Punch Man is a fast-paced action-packed series which leaves you wanting more from the first episode to the last. It takes your most stereotypical anime tropes and pokes fun at them while still remaining true to the genre. The protagonist, Saitama, isn't your typical hero either - he does the hero stuff just for fun - and believes he has achieved his strength through a grueling physical training; which may or may not be true

One Punch Man

If an over-powered protagonist isn't enough the series also boasts a long list of supporting characters which help keep the series on its toes and moving forward. From Saitama's disciple to the revolving door of villians and over-the-top heroes this series does well to keep the action fresh

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Although I absolutely loved this anime it is not without its critique. Primarily the lackluster story-line or what there is of one anyway. For the majority of the series the story is just Saitama going from one fight to another which wouldn't be so bad except there is a story and what was told of it was short and contrived. Which is also the element of the worst thing about the series - it's just too short - I can't help but feel there should be more episodes. Luckily, a season 2 has been confirmed so I hope to see more of a story moving forward

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