Review: Your Name

Your Name dives right into a story about a girl and a boy who switch bodies when they sleep and spend a day literally in the other's shoes. As the story progresses you begin to learn of a disaster the befell a town and now the boy seeks to rescue the town particularly the girl of the town who's body he's been switching with

Your Name

From the beginning it is somewhat obvious that this is a love story but what really captivates you is the unique story arc and the character development. As our protagonists learn more about their unique experience we too learn just a little more of the plot and the circumstances surrounding them - the storytelling has a way of getting you invested in the character's past, present, and future

Your Name 2

Overall, it was a great experience and definitely a recommended watch. Site down with a loved one and chill or just watch it on a binge night - you will not be disappointed

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