Review Ajin: Demi Human

Ajin: Demi Human has a very unique art style making use of cgi but using textures to make it appear hand drawn. This art style admittedly took some getting used to in the first few episodes but as the series goes on the art-style becomes a layer of aesthetic that helps move the story along - some scenes really shine from making use of cgi that I doubt would have been as easily achieved if using traditional animation

Demi Human 003

As far as the story goes, it opens in a world where Demi Humans have been discovered. They look similar to humans with an important distinction - they are immortal. Anybody can be a Demi Human but their discovery is only known when they die and are brought back to life. The governments are afraid of them deploying a policy of capture & experiment. Most Demi Humans choose to flee or hide amongst the population. The concept is sound and the reaction of the governments and general population is believable

Nagai Kei

My only real critique is in the momentum of how the story unfolds. At first, you believe the story is going to follow a practical arc but soon realize that it goes in a completely different direction. Our protagonist, Nagai Kei, basically takes a back seat in the storyline which seems to make the antagonists more important to the overall arc. It's not a bad direction per say as I enjoyed the series very much but it does leave me with little interest as to the well-being of the protagonist. Overall though it is worth a binge watch and I was left wanting more from a second season

Ajin: Demi Human

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