Review Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is hands down one of the best anime series I have ever watched to date. The story arcs are superb and well written with enough action to help speed things along. The dilemma our protagonist Rock faces trying to balance his old life with his new life constantly reminds you of the moral ambiguity that is the world of Black Lagoon


No review of this series is complete without at least mentioning Revy - the badass cutlass wielding blood-thirsty hired gun for the Black Lagoon Company. Often referred to as Two-Hands for her prowess in dishing out an onslaught of bullets and leaving behind a bloodbath in her wake. She raises the bar for a female character in an anime being tough, vulgar, and hungry for battle - her constantly reminding Rock that she'll separate him from the world of the living at any point just helps to remind you of the type of unhinged person she really is - and you love her for it

Black Lagoon

The rest of the characters in this series all take center stage in the city of misfits, Roanapur, and everyone's motives are clear - greed, power, and bloodlust. I definitely recommend this anime for a binge watch - you will not be disappointed

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