Released: TOON.NINJA BETA v0.2.2

v0.2.2 Changelog

  • Fixed post resolution on screens higher than 1920x1080
  • Fixed series title alignment bug in series description
  • Fixed progress bar for video playback
  • Changed site-wide font to Droid Sans
  • Improved series listing UI
  • Resolved HTTPS issues
  • Fixed inaccessible robots.txt file
  • Cosmetic changes to Series-Episode title
  • Added settings panel with Debug Info
  • Removed Kiwi Chat
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic changes

Work Hard, Play Hard

Released: TOON.NINJA BETA v0.2.0

v0.2.0 Changelog

  • Fixed Auto-Hide not showing up
  • Integrated Video.JS
  • Fixed TURN config not downloading
  • Added browser recognition
  • Added skip option to video preroll
  • Added video social share buttons
  • Fixed some CSS styling issues
  • Misc bug fixes

Celebrate v0.2.0

Released: TOON.NINJA BETA v0.1.8

v0.1.8 Changelog

  • Removed Amazon Advertisements and opted for friendly Donation message
  • Fixed Season scrolling bug when no Episode is selected
  • Added Keyboard Video control (spacebar now pauses/unpauses video)
  • Added Bitcoin support to checkout
  • Added notice when on Firefox and trying to stream non-transcoded 1080p video
  • Added search results information
  • Added Episode currently viewing to Header title
  • Created dynamic resize animations for Kiwi chat based on window/video size
  • Added option to disable (auto-hide) Kiwi chat for the session
  • Video player will now center itself if Kiwi is disabled
  • Additional Bug Fixes
  • Restored CDN