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I'm sure there's a better way to start this review than by saying I <3 Steins;Gate but I could think of no other way. The story is slow to get started with the first quarter seeming like filler episodes but it's not until later that you realize those fillers were for character and relationship development. Which when viewed in its entirety is simply brilliant

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This science fiction anime tackles the concept of time travel and the paradoxes involved with it - with a twist. From the way they travel through time using a cell phone strapped to a microwave to the reason behind the time travel the story is genuine and original. Even the side effects of prolong time travel are explored in the OVA

Halfway through I couldn't help but look at the world differently and before too long began asking myself what would I do if I could change the past in 48-hour increments? What would you do? Maybe binge watch Steins;Gate after reading this review - or would it be before?

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